Fans think new music could be on the way from Twenty One Pilots

It looks like Twenty One Pilots are teasing some new music – and fans are speculating it could be on the way today (April 20).

Fans have spotted that Tyler Joseph has been keeping his tweet total to “420” – meaning when he tweeted something new, he would delete an older tweet to ensure the amount stayed at 420. Today, on April 20, – 4-20 – he also tweeted a screenshot of this tweet amount.

Fans also spotted that their old website is due to be re-activated today – leading to more speculation that the group could be about to drop some new music.

Earlier this month, Twenty One Pilots released a new track called ‘Level of Concern’.

The new single came after frontman Tyler Joseph teased new material on Monday (April 6) by writing on Twitter: “Always writing, but this one feels like it should just come out now.”

While the tweet immediately sparked excitement among fans, Joseph then confirmed the release in a series of follow-up posts, confirming that “a portion of whatever money this song makes” will go to Crew Nation – a charity set up by Live Nation to help people working in the live music industry who have been hit by coronavirus.

The new song saw the duo encouraging hope during difficult times, specifically during the current Coronavirus Pandemic. Some of the song’s lyrics sing: “Wondering, would you be my little quarantine, or is this the way it ends?

Reviewing their last album, ‘Trench’, NME said: “‘Trench’ is the sound of a band ratcheting up the ambition without ever being pulled down by an undertow of pretentiousness. It’s more low-key than ‘Blurryface’, but ultimately more rewarding.”