Ezra Furman shares new rareties album 'To Them We'll Always Be Freaks'

Ezra Furman has released a new album of “malformed reject recordings” called ‘To Them We’ll Always Be Freaks’.

The album consists of songs recorded between 2015 and 2017, including demos and rehearsals from the recording sessions for ‘Transangelic Exodus’, and has been released with a ‘pay what you can afford’ option.

All money raised set to be distributed between Furman’s band and touring crew to support them during the pandemic. You can download the album via Bandcamp here.

In a statement, Furman said: “Welcome to a collection of malformed reject recordings, the unpolished refuse of the process of making our 2018 LP, ‘Transangelic Exodus’. I’m proud of the final version of the record, but I always yearned to let people glimpse some of the strange process of making it.”

“We all knew that we wanted to approach making this record differently than we had our other albums,” Furman explained of ‘To Them We’ll Always Be Freaks’. “In the past we’d usually listen to my solo acoustic recording of a song, talk about what we might do with it, get the band all together in a room and go with our best instincts of how to bring it to life. This time, we wanted to abandon our first instincts.”

Furman also referred to ‘Transangelic Exodus’ as “the best thing I’ve ever made”, adding that the new record is intended to be “close to the average length of a feature film”.

“One shouldn’t spend too much longer than that being this up close and personal with my psyche,” the singer concluded.

The new releases follows Furman’s work on soundtrack album for Netflix series Sex Education, announced earlier this year (January 21). Watch the music video for ‘Every Feeling’ above.