Donald Trump tours mask factory as 'Live and Let Die' plays in background

Donald Trump toured a mask factory in Arizona yesterday (May 5) while the most timely of songs played in the background: Guns N’ Roses’ cover of the James Bond theme ‘Live and Let Die.’

As Trump toured the factory, which is churning out N95 masks for the federal government, he was accompanied by a series of officials and wore safety glasses but did not opt for a face mask.

In one clip from the visit, the somewhat on-the-nose song – originally recorded by Wings – is heard in the background as the President asks one worker how many masks were made in a day.

Commenting on the clip, Jimmy Fallon said: “I can think of no better metaphor for this presidency than Donald Trump not wearing a face mask to a face mask factory while the song ‘Live and Let Die’ blares in the background.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “LIVE AND LET DIE *breathes* We are living in a poorly written movie.”

Another said: “Great choice of loud music…give that employee a raise.”

As CNBC reports, a sign in the factory stated that masks were required for all people inside the facility.

It comes as Trump faces intense criticism for America’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The US currently has the highest global death toll, with over 70,000 deaths at the time of writing.

Trump was also condemned last month for suggesting coronavirus might be treated by injecting disinfectant into the body.