Dolly Parton inspired Jolene Sound Room Brooklyn opens in Williamsburg

A new, state-of-the-art sound room called Jolene Sound Room Brooklyn just opened at the Williamsburg Moxy hotel in New York City. The concept hopes to create more DJ-driven experiences in the centre of Brooklyn. Check out photos and upcoming events in the room below.

The collaborative concept from groups Bar Lab Hospitality and Space Invaders features “high-energy sound”, according to a release, a meticulous light system and was named after Dolly Parton’s song, ‘Jolene’. The room also includes a retro-themed bar with menus shaped like vinyl sleeves that conceal actual records. The venue officially opened on March 17. You can view the entire schedule for upcoming events here.


Jolene represents the first formal collaboration between Moxy Hotels, hospitality pioneers Bar Lab Hospitality and Space Invaders and Link Miami Rebels, a Miami-based nightlife trio formed in 2016.

“We are thrilled for this adventure,” Coloma of Link Miami Rebels Space Invaders said in a statement. “The opening of Jolene gives us an intimate room with impeccable sound to foster and nourish the ever-growing nightlife of Brooklyn.”

Guests enter Jolene from a separate entrance on Bedford Avenue outside of the Moxy hotel. The ceiling is lit by fluorescent tubes, with textures and colours to resemble a ’70s or ’80s nightclub. The room has also been designed for “perfect acoustics”, according to the release “thanks to the custom audiophile speakers.”

“This is the place to dance, drink, relax and just completely be yourself to the sound of the best music around,” Elad Zvi of Bar Lab Hospitality said. “We look forward to introducing the Brooklyn community to Jolene, as together we’ve created something truly spectacular.”

Jolene Sound Room Brooklyn is the first concept of its kind to open for the brand but they’re also set to open Jolene Miami this Spring.