DAWN starts mandatory military service as a public service worker

DAWN has announced that he has begun his mandatory military service and will serve as a public service worker.

Under South Korean law, it is compulsory for all able-bodied male citizens to serve a military term of 18-21 months. Public service workers are assigned to public health centers, regional offices, and other government offices – men who are considered not fit enough for active duty often enlist in these roles.

DAWN shared the news of his enlistment on Instagram earlier today (October 12). “I’m greeting everyone with slightly sudden news!” He wrote on his story (translated by Soompi). “From today, I will be fulfilling my military service duty as a public service worker.


“Please understand that I could not tell you in advance in order to enlist quietly. Putting my sadness behind, I want to convey my gratitude like this before I enlist. I am always grateful to fans who always send lots of support, and I will return in good health after completing my service.”

DAWN’s Instagram Story CREDIT: DAWN/Instagram

He concluded: “The projects I already finished working on will continue to be revealed, so please show lots of anticipation. Thank you!”

The news follows DAWN releasing his latest EP, ‘Narcissus’, last month. The record featured collaborations with 10cm, pH-1, GEMINI, and Kim Sawol and followed the April 2023 single ‘Dear My Light’.

In April, the star commented on his split with ex-girlfriend and fellow idol, HyunA. The pair announced their break-up in December 2023 after beginning dating in 2016. DAWN described the situation as “very difficult to deal with”, saying: “I couldn’t get used to it. It was an extremely difficult time.

“But what I realized in that process was that I wasn’t in love with HyunA’s looks or social status – I was genuinely in love with her soul. I was able to overcome that pain by realizing that I want her to be even happier, even when she is not beside me – even more happy than when we were together – because I really love her.”