CL reveals 2NE1's 'I Am The Best' was originally a collaboration with Justin Bieber

CL has revealed that 2NE1‘s iconic 2011 hit song ‘I Am The Best’ had originally featured Justin Bieber.

Yesterday (October 20), the singer-rapper held a live countdown event in celebration of the release of her debut studio album ‘ALPHA’ on TikTok, where she had shared several snippets of past unreleased versions of songs from both herself and 2NE1.

One notable snippet was an alternate version of 2NE1’s breakout single ‘I Am The Best’, which was originally released in 2011, that included a feature from Justin Bieber. CL had played the verse performed by the Canadian singer, of which fans have speculated was recorded in 2011, while the star was preparing to release his 2012 ‘Believe’ album.

CL also revealed that her 2015 solo single ‘Hello Bitches’ had originally been titled ‘Asian Bitches’, and featured a guest verse from British rapper M.I.A.

In the same live event, she also revealed an alternate version of ‘Let It’, a B-side track off ‘ALPHA’, that borrowed vocals from her fellow ex-2NE1 members Park Bom and Sandara Park during the song’s chorus and pre-chorus, respectively.

However, CL did not specify why these guest features were eventually excluded from the final versions of these releases.

Released yesterday (October 20), CL shared her hopes for ‘ALPHA’, saying she hoped her album would “empower” other idols in K-pop. “[I want them] to be like, ‘Yes, you can continue doing this independently whether you decide to go to another label, however way it is’,” she added.