Cat metal band Cattera drop charity single, ‘Hunger Of The Beast'

Cattera, a metal band made up of actual cats, have released their debut singe, ‘Hunger Of The Beast’ – listen to it below.

The single, which features thundering guitars alongside lots of meows, is all in aid of a good cause: all the profits from the single will be donated to Whiskers-A-GoGo, a non-profit, volunteer-run cat rescue group in Brooklyn.

The feline four-piece are fronted by Roope-Shakir who was once a resident at the cat rescue shelter before finding a home with Anna Mrzyglocki, a product manager with Fearless Records.

You can listen to their debut single here:

An Instagram post announcing their imminent single read: “When you come from the streets, you’ve got a lot to say, and a lot of friends to help.

“luckily I’ve got some industry connects to help me write some hard ass cat metal and spread the word. CATTERA. this thursday.”

Roope-Shakir’s owner added: “I knew Roope-Shakir had star power from the moment he entered my apartment. I heard his emotion-filled meows and knew he needed to be the front cat of a metal band. It sparked a passion for A&R I never knew I had. People may think Cattera is just another ‘industry plant,’ but there’s real talent here.”

“I’m stoked to release my first track with CATTERA, as I’m a huge fan of OG animal kingdom metal bands like Hatebeak and Caninus,” Roope-Shakir purrs. “I hope I can be an inspiration to all street cats who have something to say. Meow meow. 666.”

The group have also released a behind the scenes look into their day-to-day life in the studio.

Roope-Shakir can be seen next to posters of his favourite bands – including ‘Nine Inch Claws’, listening to tracks in the studio whilst enjoying some catnip and playing on his cat scratcher, “practising mosh moves”.

The group even have their very own dedicated Bandcamp page here.

The cat shelter, where all profits from the sale of the single will go, is described on the Bandcamp page as “an all-volunteer cat rescue group based out of North Brooklyn.

“Its mission is to find loving, permanent homes for abandoned, displaced, and shelter-surrendered cats. A registered…nonprofit, Whiskers-A-GoGo works to rescue Brooklyn’s cats and kittens in need by saving at-risk cats from shelters, abandoned cats and kittens from the streets, and practicing TNR for community cats throughout Brooklyn.”