BTS’ RM hosts the next episode of Suga’s ‘Suchwita’ in new teaser

South Korean musician Suga has released a new teaser for the next episode of his online talk show Suchwita.

Yesterday (April 17), the K-pop idol unveiled a teaser for episode nine of his popular online talk show Suchwita, which previously guest starred Yeonjun and Taehyun of TXT.

The teaser opens with Suga’s BTS bandmate RM chanting, “R-chwita, R-chwita, time to drink some alcohol, Suga is gone. An all new Suchwita,” followed by him opening the show as the host.


RM then introduces the “guest” for the week, a “fresh new 4th generation artist” who he has known for 13 years – none other than Suga himself, though with a sugar cube superimposed over his face.

The pair then go on to discuss Suga’s upcoming debut studio album ‘D-Day’ and their journey as members of BTS, among other topics. “Ninty-nine per cent of the reas why we do music is for our fans,” Suga explains.

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The next episode of Suchwita is set to be released next Monday (April 24) at 10pm KST through the BANGTANTV YouTube Channel.

RM was notably the first-ever guest star on Suchwita, which made its debut in December 2022. The show has also seen appearances by fellow BTS bandmate Jimin, Hoshi of SEVENTEEN, Epik High‘s Tablo and more.

In other BTS news, J-hope recently shared a farewell message ahead of his upcoming military enlistment. The K-pop idol is reportedly set to enlist in the South Korean military today (April 18), according to sources in the music industry, per Yonhap News Agency.