BTS fans create man-made grove in honour of member V

A group of BTS fans have worked with an environmental initiative to build a man-made grove along the Han River, dedicated to V.

According to Yonhap News Agency, a group of approximately 170 fans had come together with the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement on October 19 to build a grove of four zelkova trees and about 1,200 bridal-wealth trees in the Han River Park, located in the South Korean capital city of Seoul.

The joint project was launched as was created to honour BTS vocalist V, with the grove being named named the ‘Forest V No 1’. The initiative is supposedly inspired by the singer’s favourite colour, which said to be green, per Yonhap.

The Korean Federation for Environmental Movement also added that ‘Forest V No. 1’ intended to convey messages of eco-friendliness in order to fight against climate change, as well as to improve the biodiversity surrounding the Han River.

Han River Park is also home to two plots of forestation that had previously been planted by fellow BTS fans in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Both plots were created in celebration of BTS leader RM‘s birthday.

Meanwhile, Big Hit Music, the label which currently manages BTS and TXT, have announced the launch of upcoming global online auditions for 2021.

Big Hit Music is “looking for individuals with talent and passion” to be “the next global superstar,” the label wrote on its website. Males born in 2002 or later worldwide are eligible to apply, with applications are open from October 18 to December 20.