Bring Me The Horizon's Jordan Fish on writing lyrics for new album: "I wanna talk about my balls"

Bring Me The Horizon have shared yet another video with fans as they record their upcoming new album under lockdown – check out the clip below.

Continuing their ongoing BMTH8 project, in which Oli Sykes and co. document progress on their eighth record, the band took to YouTube this week to update us on all the recent studio antics.

At the start of the ‘Day 11’ clip, keyboardist and backing vocalist Jordan Fish shares his thoughts on being underappreciated among his fellow bandmates.

“Sometimes I feel like I’ve got all these lyrics, you know?” he says to the camera. “I’ve got so many lyric ideas, and I can’t express them because, you know, [Sykes is] the main lyricist and he’s so good at it and all this stuff.

“But I’ve got stuff I wanna say; I’ve got my own problems, you know what I mean?” Fish goes on.

Elaborating on what he wants to express through LP 8, he adds: “I’ve got long balls. Saggy ball sack. It’s just got longer and longer as time’s gone on. I’m 34 now, and I’ve got a lot to say about it.

“Sometimes I feel like I want to write a song about some of that stuff, but it’s just all about him [Sykes] – me, me, me… frontman.

“It’s like well… I wanna talk about my balls,” Fish adds before we see Sykes singing the lyrics “my inferior penis” over what appears to be a new track.

Announcing the BMTH8 project last month, the frontman said: “We are going to continue to write at home & even record some songs, we have everything we need to create the new record.”

Bring Me The Horizon told NME late last year that they may never release music in the album format again following their acclaimed 2019 LP ‘Amo‘. “We’re not going to do an album again, maybe ever,” Sykes said at the time.