Bring Me The Horizon announce ‘Sempiternal’ 10th anniversary vinyl and cassette reissue

Bring Me The Horizon have announced a 10th anniversary reissue of their 2013 LP ‘Sempiternal’.

To celebrate 10 years of the band’s fourth studio album, a limited edition vinyl pressing and cassette tape are set for release on December 8. As noted in a press release, the pressing and cassette are described as being “carefully fashioned to emphasise the music and underline the enigmatic artwork still steeped in symbology and mystique”. Pre-order the LP here.

Speaking about the album, Bring Me the Horizon frontman Oli Sykes said: “I feel like this is the album that changed everything for our band, both in commercial success terms and personal terms.”

Bring Me The Horizon - 'Semipternal' 10th anniversary reissue. Credit: PRESS
Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Sempiternal’ 10th anniversary reissue. Credit: PRESS

He continued: “I was struggling with addiction and my relationship with the band before this record was fractured and I felt the only way I could apologise for my actions was to knuckle down and pour everything into a record. This record brought our band closer than ever and for that it will always have a special place in my heart.”

In a four-star review of the album, NME shared: “Recent listeners to Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 breakfast show have been woken with a jolt following the surprise addition of Bring Me The Horizon to the station’s playlist. The riffs of ‘Shadow Moses’ may be a strange accompaniment to your tea and Weetabix, but it’s all part of the Sheffield metal band’s bid to become a Proper Big Deal in 2013.”

It continued: “Their fourth album ‘Sempiternal’ is packed full of similar sucker-punch moments, with ‘The House Of Wolves’ and ‘Antivist’ typifying the album’s muscular and impressive anthemics. Ready to break noisily out of the underground, the quintet have made one of the year’s most accomplished metal albums.”

Back in June, Sykes spoke to NME about the band’s forthcoming album ‘Post Human: NeX GEn’, and revealed it was primarily inspired by emo and hardcore.

Linkin Park were the first band that I got into, but when I found Glassjaw is when I became obsessed with music and knew I wanted to be a singer, so the album pays homage to that,” Sykes said backstage at Download fest.


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He continued: “I wouldn’t say it’s a hyper-pop album, but I’ve definitely been inspired by that world. I admire how obnoxious, trashy and in your face that music feels, which is what I was drawn to when I got into emo, hardcore and screamo.

“It’s not that we’ve lost that in our music, but as you become a bigger band, things do get more polished. I want to go the opposite way. Let’s be unhinged, let’s stop trying to make all the edges smooth.”

‘Post Human: NeX GEn’ will serve as a follow up to their 2020 LP ‘Post Human: Survival Horror’. The album’s release date was recently pushed back.

In other news, Sykes and co. recently announced a 2024 Australian tour with Sleep Token as support slated for next spring.

This will mark Bring Me The Horizon’s return to Australia since their sets at Good Things Fest in 2022. Visit here for tickets and more information.