Brandon Flowers reflects on being told Brian Eno didn't want to work with The Killers

Brandon Flowers has reflected on how being told Brian Eno didn’t want to work with The Killers “messed him up”.

The band’s frontman and drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. held an Instagram Live session earlier today (April 24), taking questions from their fans.

Responding to one query about why they hadn’t worked with Eno yet, Flowers replied by saying they had in a “roundabout way” because 2017’s ‘Some Kind Of Love’ was written over an Eno instrumental.

“He was definitely the top of the list n the earlier days and we considered working with him on our second album,” he continued. “It’s a long story but the label sort of lied to us and told us he said no, but it was a blessing – if a lie can be a blessing. If it’s ever been a blessing, it was on that record because we got to work with Flood and Alan Moulder, and we’re really happy with the outcome.”

Vannucci Jr interjected, “But tell them about the dream,” to which Flowers started laughing and replied: “It messed me up. I’ll tell you about the dream.

“I started having this dream where I was on one side of the street and Brian Eno was on the other side of the street, and I couldn’t cross the street. It messed me up a little bit because he was doing records with Coldplay and stuff like that, so I carried that around with me that we weren’t good enough for Brian Eno. Really, he was never asked to work with The Killers. It was just the label doing their label shit.”

The pair added that they only found out Eno was never asked to work with them “two or three years ago”, with the frontman explaining: “If you saw me on stage from 2005 ’til 2017, you saw me as a person who thought he wasn’t good enough for Brian Eno. Now I’m a new person.”

Earlier today, The Killers shared ‘Fire In Bone’, another new song from their forthcoming album ‘Imploding The Mirage’. The band also confirmed the record’s release would be postponed from its scheduled arrival of May 29, while their summer 2020 UK and Ireland tour dates will now kick off in May 2021.