BLACKPINK’s Jennie Teams Up With Brockhampton’s Matt Champion for ‘Slow Motion’

The ultimate team-up arrived on Friday (March 8), when BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Brockhampton’s Matt Champion came together to release a brand new collaboration, titled “Slow Motion.”


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See latest videos, charts and news

“If I could stop time for real/ Would make it any easier for me to love you?/ ‘Cause you know I’m shy for you still/ So bad that it kills/ And I can’t help but feel/ Like we’re moving in slow motion,” they sing on the atmospheric track’s chorus.

The new song comes a little over a year after Brockhampton released their final album, The Family, and the subsequent “parting gift”, TM. Champion took on the role of EP to finish TM after the group started the album during a two week trip to Ojai, Calif., in 2021, but never fully completed it.

Jennie, meanwhile, announced in December that she is launching a new label and company called OA. “Hi, this is Jennie. This year was filled with many accomplishments, and I’m so thankful for all the love I’ve received,” the K-pop singer wrote on her Instagram Story. “I’m also about what’s to come, as I start my solo journey in 2024 with a company that I have established called OA. Please show lots of love for my new start with OA and of course BLACKPINK. Thank you.”

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In addition to releasing long-awaited solo music in 2023, she also made her acting debut in the HBO drama series The Idol and was named an honorary Member of the Order of the British Empire. 

Listen to “Slow Motion” below.