Billie Joe Armstrong says he's written six new Green Day songs during lockdown

Billie Joe Armstrong has revealed that he’s written six new Green Day songs during the coronavirus-enforced lockdown.

The frontman has been keeping busy during the lockdown, staging his own ‘No Fun Mondays’ cover sessions and taking part in Elton John’s recent streamed coronavirus relief concert.

Speaking to Kerrang!, Armstrong said that he’d also been “writing a lot of music” to pass the time while at home.

“I had all these melodies in my head, so I wrote, like, six songs since all of this has been going on,” he said. “I don’t know when I can get together with Mike [Dirnt, bass] and Tré [Cool, drums], but I told them to make sure that they’re quarantined for now, and then I hope down the road we can get back in the studio with [‘Father Of All…’ producer] Butch Walker.”

Green Day
Green Day (Picture: Getty)

Armstrong added that he’s also been spending his time indoors watching The Office as well as “going through all of my punk and rock’n’roll documentaries, trying to read a little bit here and there, and hanging out with my dogs.”

“I feel pretty lost in all of this,” he added. “I think a lot of people are trying to do the right thing and be with their families and friends as much as they can.

“It’s been hard, because I wasn’t able to see [my two sons] Joey or Jakob at first as they were touring Europe. We had to keep a distance, and it’s just been me and [his wife] Adrienne. When you have that separation, you realise that we take for granted some of the things that matter most to us.”

Last week, Green Day released their surprise new remix EP ‘Otis Big Guitar Mix’ — comprising of new mixes of tracks from the band’s ‘Uno’/‘Dos’/‘Tré’ trio of albums.