Billie Eilish teases a “whole album of music coming”

Billie Eilish has teased “a whole album of music” and promised that there will be “lots of music coming” in the future.

The pop sensation shared the news on US radio network Westwood One’s segment The Cookout, where she said that they were “in the final stages of making it”, but that it didn’t mean it was “about to come out”.

“It is getting there and it’s very exciting,” she added. The star also squashed rumours that there might be a new documentary about her coming out, but added that she could imagine being part of another one in the future.


Eilish went on to address why she recently wore a GoPro on stage, explaining that it was because she often goes down to the barrier to be with fans after shows.

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“After the shows, I run out into the crowd and jump up on the barricade and like, grab everybody – really they grab me, and I just submit to it,” she explained. “I just put myself there, whatever happens, happens. Whoever grabs what, I submit myself.”

She went on: “If I didn’t, if I was gonna be upset with something, I wouldn’t go out there, because that’s a recipe for disaster. So, I go out there, I stand myself up there, I just open my arms, and I just let them hug me,” she added.

“I just think it’s really special to do that, and I get so much out of it, even though it’s terrifying, a little. And those faces, this close to me, screaming in my face, sobbing, is an experience that I don’t think we’re meant to experience, as people.

“And every time I do it, I always run right backstage and tell everybody, ‘Wow, I wish you guys could see my POV when I do that, because it is shocking!”


Last month, Eilish became the latest artist to receive a BRIT Billion Award by the BPI.

The award celebrated the singer surpassing the landmark of one billion career UK streams – as calculated by the Official Charts Company. Her Grammy Award-winning hit  ‘Bad Guy’ has over 300million UK streams, while six of her other tracks top 100million UK streams.

Her most recent album, ‘Happier Than Ever‘, came out in 2021, which NME said secured her her status as a “generational great”. It added: “Tackling fame and misogyny with old-timey Hollywood glamour, the star has repeated the success of her stellar debut – without repeating any of its tricks.”

In other news from the singer, this month she joined Peter Gabriel and a host of musicians to appear in a new video by a new music coalition to tackle gun violence.