Billie Eilish brings out Armani White to perform the song ‘Billie Eilish’ at Osheaga

Billie Eilish brought out Philadelphia rapper Armani White at Osheaga festival this weekend to perform his song ‘Billie Eilish’.

The rapper named his 2022 Neptunes-sampling viral hit after the pop star, and both were playing the Canadian festival on Saturday (August 5).

During the show, Eilish teased the appearance by telling the crowd: “You know that song, ‘Big T-shirt, Billie Eilish’.”


The song then began playing over the speakers and then White came out to perform a shortened version of the track.

After the set, he tweeted: “BILLIE EILISH JUST BROUGHT ME OUT!!! Ohmyfuckingod.

“I have never heard that many people scream in my fucking life hahaha Billie Eilish has an army!!”

Earlier in the weekend, Eilish headlined Lollapalooza in Chicago and gave a live debut to ‘What Was I Made For?’, her song from the Barbie soundtrack.

The singer recently shared the Finneas-produced melancholic piano-led ballad for the blockbuster film’s accompanying album, appearing alongside Dua LipaCharli XCXSam Smith and more.


In a pioneering move, Eilish’s Lollapalooza set was partially solar-powered by intelligent, zero-emission battery systems.

The pop singer shared that the climate-friendly performance is part of the Music Decarbonization Project co-founded by Eilish herself in partnership with the environmental non-profit REVERB.

According to a press release, the zero-emissions battery systems that will power her set will be supplied and managed by Overdrive Energy Solutions and will be charged via a temporary onsite “solar farm”.