Ben Gibbard covers a host of Beatles songs in latest home livestream

Ben Gibbard has hosted a new Beatles-themed edition of his ‘Live At Home’ series.

The Death Cab For Cutie frontman has shared a number of livestreams from his house throughout lockdown.

“I got my work cut out for me next week – next week will be an all Beatles cover set,” he said, announcing the show as part of last week’s stream, in which he covered Depeche Mode.

“I gotta bunch of songs in mind. I’m gonna try to stay away from a lot of the standard tunes – not standard tunes, but the ones that everybody knows. I wanna weave you guys through some of my favourite Beatles tunes that have a lot of meaning to me.” Watch the set in full below.

So far during Gibbard’s livestreams, he’s shared two new songs – ‘Proxima B’ and ‘Life in Quarantine’ – as well as covering NirvanaNeil YoungThe Cure and more.

He also used one of the sessions to pay tribute to Fountains Of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger following the musician’s death from COVID-19.

Ben Gibbard played: 

‘I’m So Tired’
‘For No One’
‘I’m Happy Just To Dance With You’
‘Here, There And Everywhere’
‘I’m Only Sleeping’
‘You Won’t See Me’
‘I Will’
‘I’m Looking Through You’
‘In My Life’

The new live stream was hosted in aid of Seattle-based nonprofit organisation Amara, who serve children in foster care and their new foster families.