Becky Hill hits back at criticism over her outfit at Euro Women's 2022 final

Becky Hill has hit back at online trolls who criticised the outfit she wore during her performance at the Euro women’s final.

Hill played a four-song set at Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday (July 31) ahead of the Lionesses taking on Germany. Stefflon Don and Ultra Naté both appeared as special guests.

As BBC News reports, the singer has since responded to numerous tweets regarding the outfit she wore for the show: a sparkly silver leotard.

Replying to one Twitter user who said, “You don’t always have to dress up”, Hill wrote: “Women are ALWAYS expected to dress up. What was i supposed to do? go on in my trackies?”

Another follower said it was “disappointing” to see degrading comments about the singer’s appearance at a time when “confident young women [had been] given a platform”.

Hill responded: “I’ve spent most part of today feeling shit & had a little cry about how incredible the women’s football was yesterday & how sad that people devalued my worth as a performer because of what I wore. anyway. I’m done now for my own mental health.”

Someone else said that Hill’s choice of outfit was “not empowering at all”, adding: “In fact quite dangerous to be half naked. Wrong signal to most men.”

Hill replied: “So teach the men not to be dangerous rapists & leave the women to wear what they like. Can’t believe you’re victim blaming.”

In a separate tweet, the star wrote: “Have ur opinion but keep it to yourself. A troll is someone who gives their unwanted opinion when I didn’t ask. I wanted to wear a popstar sequin corset, sparkly tights & platform boots because that’s what i love wearing. Get out my ass ffs.”

Elsewhere, Hill hit back at a follower who said: “Men are forever being told to respect women & not sexualise them. Then you turn up flaunting your body in a skimpy outfit.”

She replied: “IM NOT TRYING TO BE ATTRACTIVE TO U OR ANY OTHER MAN. i was flaunting my body because I LOVE MY BODY & im proud of who I am. Yes, men need to stop thinking women are dressing up FOR THEIR GAZE. I wore that because I fucking wanted to & if ur wife wanted to as well she can ffs.”

Hill also responded to a claim that she’d suggested women who choose to “cover up” were “unprogressive and not confident”, writing: “I have never once said that women who cover themselves are unprogressive where have u gotten that from????

“I’ve only ever said women should have THE CHOICE without anyone making any comment so why would i make comment about someone who chooses otherwise, it goes against my point.”

You can see those tweets below.

Following the Lionesses bagging a 2-1 victory, Hill wrote: I’m so proud to be a woman, I’m so proud to be living through history. I’m honoured to have opened up that incredible match today. thank you thank you thank you. ITS HOME GIRLS!!!!!”

Later, the singer said that she was “so shocked how long it took women’s football to gain the same level of prestige” as the men’s. “Same game, same rules. different genre, what’s fucking wrong with people?”

England’s Ella Toone scored the first goal in the women’s Euro final before Germany’s Lina Magull equalised in the 79th minute. It was Chloe Kelly’s extra-time goal gave England the lead in front of a record-breaking crowd of 87,192 at Wembley.

Meanwhile, many Spice Girls fans have expressed their disappointment in Geri Horner after she was pictured with Tory MPs Nadine Dorries and Liz Truss at the game.