Beatles filmmaker is asking fans to help support new documentary

A filmmaker is asking Beatles fans for help to release a new documentary film about the Fab Four.

Simon Weitzman has asked for help to get his film Here, There & Everywhere edited and released and has set up a crowdfunder where fans. can contribute. He describes the film as “a love letter to The Beatles from their fans.”

The film, which explores the role fans and music devotees have played in keeping the band’s music alive, features in-depth interviews with Lennon’s sister, Julia Baird, artist/musician Klaus Voormann, Liverpool Beatles Waterfront Statues sculptor Andrew Edwards, legendary Beatles Mad Day Out photographer Tom Murray, and more (via Music News).

Speaking about the project, Weizman said: “Here, There & Everywhere is a feature length documentary created by and for fans of all ages, celebrating over half a century of Beatles fandom in all its glory.

“A kaleidoscope of stories and performances from musicians, authors, artists, experts, collectors and friends and family of The Beatles. From fans who were there at the very start to teenagers who are discovering them anew in the 21st century, Here, There & Everywhere is the ultimate fan family album; an opportunity for The Beatles family to come together and deliver a love letter to the greatest band of all time.”

The Beatles
The Beatles. CREDIT: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

He added: “With hundreds of hours of material to work from, we are raising money to complete the edit, clear music, image and archive rights before creating a downloadable version of the film, limited edition  DVDs, BlueRays and a host of very special and unique perks for our backers.

Weizman has set up a crowdfunder to help release the film, and has already raised £30,423 at the time of publication. The target is £45,000.

He added: “In the end, you simply want to deliver a film that the fans enjoy and that they feel they have been part of and that has extended to the way this film has entered its new crowdfunding campaign.”

A number of fans who contribute will also receive “perks”.

Weizman explained on the crowdfunder page: “We’ve created perks which are rewards we’re offering to backers in return for contributing to help us complete the film…Each contribution will help towards paying for music and archive rights and other post production costs. Everyone who goes for a physical perk will have their name listed amongst our backers at the end of the film.”

The funding page, which can be found here is open until October 28.

Meanwhile, Peter Jackson’s new film about The Beatles, Get Back, is set for release next month on November 25.