ARTMS’ HeeJin reveals she hasn’t “made celebrity friends” since her debut

ARTMSHeeJin has opened up about the difficulties she has faced in socialising as a public figure.

HeeJin recently sat for an interview for the latest digital cover of Vanity Teenwhere she spoke candidly about the challenges she and other Korean celebrities face when it comes to forming social circles.

“There’s a common misconception that becoming an idol will lead to having many celebrity friends, but it’s actually quite challenging,” the ARTMS singer told the outlet.


She later revealed that she has few celebrities friends even now, despite having made her debut in 2016. “Maybe it’s because of my personality, but I don’t think I’ve made celebrity friends since my debut as an idol,” she added.

Elsewhere during the interview, HeeJin also spoke about upcoming music from ARTMS. The group features five members of LOONA, namely Kim Lip, Choerry, Jinsoul, Haseul and HeeJin herself.

The singer revealed that the group have something “in the planning stages” at the moment. “I can say that ARTMS will return next year with a fantastic album, just as if the seal has been broken,” she added.

Yesterday (October 31), HeeJin made a comeback as a soloist with her debut mini-album ‘K’. The record is led by title track ‘Algorithm’, marks her first solo release since her 2016 self-titled single, which had dropped ahead of her debut as a member of LOONA.

In July, her ARTMS bandmates and LOONA sub-unit Odd Eye Circle returned with the mini-album ‘Version Up’. The album came after the members signed with the Jaden Jeong-headed Modhaus after leaving Blockberry Creative last year with a publicised lawsuit.

In other K-pop news, Korean-American rapper Jessi has described her viral 2022 song ‘Zoom’ as an “annoying ass song” during her recent appearance on The Zach Sang Show.


She said that the song has been been “overplayed”, before telling host Zach Sang her thoughts on the song after having recorded it: “I overheard myself, and I was like, ‘Goddamn, I’m annoying’.”