Apollonia says Sheila E. is "desperate to be relevant" following release of Prince tribute song

Purple Rain star Apollonia Kotero has called out drummer Sheila E. after she released a Prince tribute song called ‘Lemon Cake’.

Released yesterday (April 17), ‘Lemon Cake’ hears Sheila E. sing: “Boy, he loved my lemon cake/ Blame it on the lemon cake/ Yes, he loved the lemon cake/ Royalty and lemon cake.

Speaking to Billboard, the drummer explained the meaning behind the tribute’s title.

“One day I mentioned to [Prince] that I make a good chocolate and lemon cake,” she said. “His response was, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you cooked.’ I said, ‘Of course I do. My mom being Creole and my dad Mexican, I better know how to cook.’ The next day I baked a lemon cake. It was love at first sight and one of his favorite things that we would share in the studio.”

Listen to ‘Lemon Cake’ below:

Kotero, Prince’s Purple Rain co-star and Apollonia 6 frontwoman, took to social media to respond to the release of ‘Lemon Cake’.

“You are so desperate to be RELEVANT as the brilliant Linda Perry said. Prince refused to acknowledge you for 5 years before his death because of your lies,” she said of Sheila E. on Facebook. “You can’t continue to fool our Prince fans any longer. Because I AM here to tell you, it’s over. Time for the truth.”

“Prince was so angry because of all your continuous lies. Your bio filled with lies. He sent you legal letters as you were slandering him. I have copies and will include them in my memoirs. You need to stop using Prince in death. You need to stop using Purple Rain as a vehicle. YOU ARE NOT ON OUR CAST LIST,” Kotero wrote.

You are so desperate to be RELEVANT as the brilliant Linda Perry said. Prince refused to acknowledge you for 5 years…

Posted by Apollonia Kotero on Friday, April 17, 2020


Elsewhere in the post, Kotero accused Sheila E. of profiting off Prince’s name and trademark, and she claimed that Sheila E. once told Prince’s band, The Revolution, that she knew how Prince died but couldn’t disclose the information.

“Why would you do a Purple Rain boat cruise tour $?$? in 2016? Why would you sell Prince logo tshirts $$$ ?,” Kotero asked. “Why did you tell The Revolution April 2016 that YOU knew how Prince died BUT you could not tell them!?! Please get over yourself: YOU ARE NOT PRINCE. You will never be. You can copy his attire , try your best, but you will NEVER be Prince.

“So get over yourself sad self and face the truth. He did not want anything to do with you for 5 years. You erased all that history by being your desperate egotistical self. Egotistical empty sad desperate for money. Money will not get you to Heaven. Time to come out and tell the truth.”

Meanwhile, Dave Grohl has vividly recalled the time he was asked by Prince to jam with him and his band back in 2011, fulfilling the Foo Fighters frontman’s “rock’n’roll fantasy” in the process.

Grohl recalled the entertaining tale on his newly launched Instagram account Dave’s True Stories, which is aiming to keep people entertained during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic with stories from Grohl’s past.