Alice The G00N Charges Forward After A Roaring Debut

Alice The G00N is on fire with a second-in-a-row track “Lucky”, sending fans into a rhythm and dance rush. The artist possesses the most incredible voice and showcases it throughout every minute, at times tender and sweet and at times powerful and commanding. “Lucky” features a stunning arrangement of dance music that is unlike anything you’ve heard before, although it does share some distinct influences from the 90’s as well as 60’s soul hits. 

Describing her music, Alice The G00N mentioned in an interview that she “didn’t want to make clearcut Dance or Pop music. I didn’t want to chase the market. I wanted to remain free in my musical experimentation and maintain honesty in my work. The exploratory/creative stuff was all research and development: I love R&B and Soul, I love head-knocking EDM. To me, Rhythm & Dance can feel like a floor-burning remix of an R&B track that you’ve never heard before. It’s rhythmic, enticing, emotional—R&D seemed like the best descriptor for my music.”

Excelling in the scene already, “Lucky” and Alice’s previous single “Who Do You Love?” attract fans like light attracts moths. We’re so thrilled for this rising artist and can’t wait to hear more of her music!

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