JOYRYDE has been one the most entertaining artists to watch develop over the last year. His signature style house fused with hard bass elements has helped promote an underground sound that is taking the masses by storm. While one the biggest stories about JOYRYDE the last year has been his unreleased Skrillex collaboration which has been getting plays at every major festival, a new storyline has emerged from the stages EDC Las Vegas.

Childish Gambino – This Is America (JOYRYDE Remix)

Childish Gambino's hit record ‘This Is America' made headlines for one the most captivating and politically charged music videos all time. Immediately fans and journalists alike were blown away by the message and symbolism included in the track.

Many artists have chosen to stray away from attempting to remix the tune due to its political nature, JOYRYDE, on the other hand, has jumped right in. The results are absolutely stunning. I think the original is without a doubt an important piece political discussion. But do I think that means it cannot be remixed? Absolutely not, as what is art that cannot be altered for interpretation? Check out JOYRYRDE's wild remix below.