Zedd Is Back with A Huge New Pop Collab

We’re all still patiently waiting for the announcement of Zedd’s third album to come. Whenever it does, we’ll be ready. Until then, he’s still dropping more new music, including an apparent collaboration with Charlie Puth.

All we know is from the highly uninformative text conversation Zedd posted to Twitter late last night, which shows Puth absolutely freaking out about whatever he got sent.

If you look in the replies, you might see a bunch of people talking about “Smile.” There’s been no mention of a Zedd x Charlie collaboration by that name, but “Smile” is the supposed next single from KP5, Katy Perry’s new album. From a quick search on Twitter, there’s speculation that the single could feature Charlie Puth, which is where all these replies are apparently coming from.

Time will tell if Zedd is involved on “Smile” — he has collaborated with Perry before — or if this is a single of his own.

Also, earlier that day, Zedd teased something on Twitch for tomorrow, Saturday, April 25 at an undisclosed time. The animation features an innocuous music loop that could literally be anything, filler music or a teaser of his next single. The only way to know is to tune in tomorrow.


Photo via Rukes.com