Two Major DJing World Records Broken During Quarantine

Needless to say, with self-isolation in effect, we have more free time than we know what to do with. Yes, many people are still working, but even those people are still stuck at home like the rest of us, not going out to bars, not seeing friends, not engaging in recreational activities. DJs, too, aren’t touring at all right now so most of them are experiencing the most free time they’ve had in maybe years.

In the Netherlands, Anthony Donner, former editor-in-chief of DJ Mag NL, sought to make good use of that free time by initiating the longest non-stop DJ marathon ever in the world, and another record was broken along the way.

The DJ marathon started Thursday April 9th, at 20.00 (CET), and finished April 19th, 20.00 (CET), counting in at 240 hours with 201 DJs in total, also breaking the record for most DJs in a single set. The event was streamed live via @djmarathonlive on Twitch, and guidelines of the current emergency ordinance where followed and observed strictly during the event.

DJ Jean was the first DJ to play music at the DJ marathon; DJ’s Darkraver and Dano were closing the 10 days nonstop with their DJ set. Music was played by DJs from The Netherlands only.


Photo by Eddie Perlas / ESPN Images