Twitch Blames DJs After Servers Crash from Too Many Live Streams

With COVID-19 cancelling shows for months due to self-isolation policies and the safety of citizens within the United States and worldwide, DJs everywhere have flocked to Twitch to try their hand at live streaming. Unfortunately, the service was unprepared for the onslaught of streamers and the service crashed for a number of hours yesterday afternoon.

“We are aware of the problem and are working as quickly as possible to bring services back online for everyone,” read a tweet from Twitch. “The incredible number of new streamers due to COVID-19, particularly DJs in the electronic dance music world, overloaded our servers for a few hours this afternoon.”

Though many would view this as a cause for concern, the EDM community predictably celebrated the incredible impact their favorite DJs had on the worldwide service.

“I can’t believe it, we actually brought down twitch,” one Twitter user wrote. “#Headbanger4life.”

“Who do we think had the most users to crash twitch,” asked another, who added a poll to their tweet with Subtronics, Skrillex, JERICHO, and UnFaZeD as options.

Hopefully Twitch will have normal operations resumed soon so we can continue to watch four dozen DJs quantize their kicks in real time by the end of the day.


Disclaimer: Happy April Fool’s. We know right now that everyone is hurting, and #NoAprilFools is even trending, but we felt that to not bring levity and laughter to an otherwise very grim period in our lives wouldn’t be in line with how we do things. Though we aim to briefly deceive, our aim is not to anger or inflame any pre-existing issues, but to flip the script and examine a world where the inconceivable thrives. We hope you and yours are staying healthy during these trying times.