Toronto-Based DJ/Producer Jordan John Takes the Music Scene by Storm

Toronto, Canada – In a thrilling fusion of melodic techno, tribal beats, and Afro house influences, Jordan John, a rising star in the music industry, has captivated audiences with his unique sound. Hailing from Toronto and boasting a Swiss-Caribbean background, John has quickly become one of the most exciting new artists to emerge on the scene.

His highly anticipated debut album, titled ‘Who Is Jordan John,’ showcases his talent and artistry. Released under the prestigious eVIVE label, owned by Steve Lawler, the album takes listeners on an unforgettable journey to the eternal summer dancefloors around the world. With a captivating blend of melodies and tribal rhythms, John’s music transcends borders, resonating from Bali to Tulum, Ibiza to Burning Man.

Inspired by his cinematic live sets, ‘Who Is Jordan John’ presents an exploration of sound and emotion, introducing listeners to the remarkable talent of this up-and-coming artist. The album has received rave reviews for its impeccable production and innovative approach to music.

When asked about the album, Steve Lawler expressed his excitement and admiration, stating, “I signed this immediately upon hearing the whole album. Such an incredible piece of work, the production on this record is of the highest level. Jordan John is going to be a name to watch out for! I’m extremely happy I can put this record out on my eVIVE Recordings.”

Jordan John’s impressive discography includes releases on renowned labels such as Mo Black, eVIVE/Armada, Einmusika, Go Diva, Yoshitoshi, and Sneja. Collaborating with industry luminaries like Space Motion, Black Motion, Tom & Collins, Roland Clark, and Dark Side Vinyl, John’s talent has garnered widespread recognition.

His atmospheric and blissful approach to dance music has earned him support from notable DJs including Bedouin, Solomun, Damian Lazarus, Black Coffee, Ameme, Blondish, and Steve Lawler, among others. The industry eagerly awaits Jordan John’s future projects, anticipating even greater heights for this prodigious artist.