Tiësto & Aloe Blacc Discuss Avicii's Most Controversial Performance Ever

Avicii collaborator and friend Aloe Blacc recently held an online tribute for the late legend and one of the most enlightening moments to come out of the broadcast was a candid chat with Tiësto.

As a huge supporter and inspiration of Avicii from the very beginning, Tiësto recalls the first time he discovered his music, their learning year together in Ibiza, Avicii’s rise to fame, and beyond.

Most notably, they also touch on Avicii’s controversial performance at Ultra Music Festival in 2013, which set the stage for Tiësto who played next. At the time, True was brand new — and much of the audience was hearing “Wake Me Up,” “Hey Brother,” and more for the first time with live interpretations from the album.

Aloe recalls from his perspective, “It was legendary, but it was an interesting moment. I don’t know that the audience was ready for what we did… It felt strange when I was on stage.”

Tiësto adds, “People don’t realize, if you have so many negative comments coming at you that it can actually hurt you as a person… I think Tim definitely got heartbroken by what he thought was brilliant — and it was brilliant.”

At the time, Avicii defended his creative choices wholeheartedly with a statement. Although it took some time for the world to catch up, True remains one of the greatest pieces of dance music we have to date.

Watch below.

24 Hours: A Tribute to Avicii: Tiësto

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H/T: We Rave You | Photo via Sean Eriksson