The Search Is on for America’s Next Top Hitmaker

Colossal is actively searching for America’s Next Top Hitmaker to appear in the pages of Rolling Stone, win $10,000, and perform at Rolling Stone’s Future of Music Showcase in Austin, Texas. This unique opportunity brings together musicians and bands of all genres to compete for a chance to make history.

Exclusive Mentorship from Busta Rhymes

The champion of this year’s competition will be granted a unique opportunity: an exclusive mentoring session with the iconic Busta Rhymes. Topping the hip hop charts with his latest studio album, “Blockbusta,” Busta Rhymes has stood as a legendary figure in the game for decades. His guidance will be bestowed upon America’s Next Top Hitmaker, offering them crucial insights and strategies to navigate and excel in the music industry.Additionally, as a pioneer MusiCares’ Humans of Hip Hop ambassador, Busta’s support for this campaign will help amplify and bolster efforts to expand reach and impact in the hip-hop community.

The Big Break

This distinguished title of America’s Next Top Hitmaker comes with a prestigious prize package, including a $10,000 cash prize. Whether they invest in top-notch instruments or production equipment, create captivating stage setups, or drop eye-catching merchandise, this prize is sure to set the stage for greatness.

The champion will also be recognized in the printed pages of Rolling Stone. With a monthly reach exceeding 60 million people, this is the ultimate platform for America’s Next Top Hitmaker to share their music with the world.

And the defining moment: A live performance at the Future of Music Showcase in Austin, Texas—the heart of the music scene. This annual Rolling Stone event celebrates the artists shaping the future of music. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase talent on a stage that resonates with creativity and innovation.

Taking the title of America’s Next Top Hitmaker isn’t merely about receiving accolades; it’s about unlocking endless opportunities and taking one’s passion for music to the next level.

Industry-Pro Workshops

Competitors will gain access to a series of workshops led by seasoned music industry professionals. These workshops are designed to equip aspiring artists with invaluable tips, tricks, and insider knowledge essential for navigating and thriving in the competitive music landscape. Among the industry pros sharing their expertise are Joseph Wooten from the iconic Steve Miller Band, renowned for his mastery of keys, and Trey Bruce, an Emmy award-winning songwriter and producer celebrated for his exceptional talent and contributions to the music world. These workshops will help catapult careers to new heights with the advice of these esteemed industry veterans.

Colossal x MusiCares

America’s Next Top Hitmaker is a fundraiser that supports MusiCares. Offering preventive, emergency, and recovery programs, MusiCares is a safety net supporting the health and welfare of the music community. In 2023, this organization launched Humans of Hip Hop (H3) to provide resources tailored to the needs of the hip-hop community.

America’s Next Top Hitmaker is operated by Colossal as a fundraiser on behalf of DTCare, a nationally registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Funds raised during the competition go to DTCare, which will subsequently issue a grant to MusiCares after the conclusion of the competition. 

Register Now for America’s Next Top Hitmaker

$10,000, an appearance in the pages of Rolling Stone, a performance at Rolling Stone’s Future of Music Showcase, and a mentoring session with the legendary Busta Rhymes are on the line. Register today to be considered for the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Colossal?

Colossal is a nationally registered professional fundraiser that inspires people to advocate for themselves and those in need. Through online competitions like America’s Next Top Hitmaker, Colossal offers participants the opportunity to make their mark while also making a big impact. Who’s Next? 

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How is the winner selected? 

The winner of the competition is determined through public voting. 

Where does the competition money go? 

The grant to MusiCares will come from “Donation Votes” cast through the competition. 100% of donations go directly to DTCare, which will subsequently grant the donation (minus competition fees/costs) to MusiCares at the end of the competition. 
If you have questions, please learn more here.