The Return of TomorrowWorld? Destructo Tells All…

Although there were once plans for TomorrowWorld to make its epic return, it’s most likely not happening in the foreseeable future…

Gary Richards aka Destructo recently jumped on live stream with journalist Kat Bein to discuss a range of topics, one being the potential return of TomorrowWorld. As the President of LiveStyle, North America, Richards would play a major role in bringing the experience back.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) aside, the major problem that stands between us and a Tomorrowland USA aka TomorrowWorld is financial, approximately $30 – $40 million. That would have been tough to swing even before a global epidemic.

Below, their conversation in recapped via People of Tomorrow (an unofficial Facebook Group for Tomorrowland/TomorrowWorld fans).

Call us dreamers, but we’re still keeping our hopes up for TomorrowWorld’s comeback.


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