Subtronics Is Already Back with A New EP [FIRST LISTEN + TRACKLIST]

As our Breakout Artist of the Year in 2019, we’ve been anticipating Subtronics‘ next move — and in a matter of days we’ll experience his new Scream Saver EP in full.

To get fans hyped, Subtronics has unleashed a full teaser and tracklist. The video below features some of the most insane sounds and visuals we’ve ever seen — and that’s putting it lightly.

Each track makes its own distinct, bass heavy statement: “You’re Already Dead,” “Lullaby” featuring Virus Syndicate, “Discotek” with Akeos, and “Blow Stuff Up!” One minute (and four songs) laster and Subtronics has us under his spell.

The EP drops this Friday, April 10th, with social distancing in full effect. He recently shared via tweet: “i just keep thinking how absolutely fucking wild the first few shows are gunna be once we are all back from being stuck inside can u imagine how much pent up energy we are all gunna be letting out”

Read about Subtronics and his quick come up here and pre-save the new EP here.

Subtronics – Scream Saver Tracklist