Stream Amirah’s Spiritually Charged New Single ‘Tell Me’

Singer-songwriter Amirah (InstagramFacebookWebsite) is slowly but confidently on her way to becoming a symbol of unity. With her dramatic release “Tell Me,” the talented artist continues her quest for unity, mixing cultures and sounds together with a fine taste. In that sense, “Tell Me” is a perfect follow-up to Amirah’s previous soulful body of work titled “You Are My Land.”

In “Tell Me,” the young artist questions everything from who she is to what she believes in, singing, “What should I believe? How can I believe? Am I my name, am I my face? My religion or my race? My tradition or my tribe? Or just this heart that beats inside?” The lyrics also give a philosophical touch to the song taking it above the traditional pop songwriting. It adds a sense of timelessness to the songs as the questions Amirah raises have always been at the core of human nature’s interests. We always wonder about our origin and purpose, and Amirah conveys it into a song beautifully.