Skrillex update: “London is Londoning, Next album is albuming”

Not long after the release of Quest For Fire and Don’t Get Too Close, Skrillex announced an additional two albums that he would be releasing this year. After a nine-year album drought from the producer, we’re being hit with the greatest torrential downfall of new music that many fans have seen in a lifetime.

He’s been hard at work after his legendary Coachella performance with Four Tet and Fred again.. and shared plenty of teasers on Instagram from the studio with Rohan, Logan OLM, TSHA, Sam Gellaitry, RHR, Zeina, Miss Lafamilia, Jyoty, Four Tet, ISOxo, and more.

We have yet to hear complete versions of any tracks from these studio sessions yet, but they’re sure to come soon. And unlike in years past, when we say “soon” here, we actually mean it. Check the Instagram post here.

Photo by Marilyn Hue