Skream’s first dubstep tune in 10 years, “Summoned,” is nearly 6 minutes of epic-ness

Yesterday, Skream released “Summoned,” his first solo dubstep tune since 2013. Over the past decade, the UK trailblazer has been making a name for himself in house and techno, though his name had already been well-enough established in his time as one of the progenitors of 140 bass music.

Over the past couple years, Skream has done a number of throwback dubstep sets, including a b2b with Rusko at EDC in 2019, a throwback set at HARD Summer in 2021, and a surprise set at Do Lab at Coachella in 2022. On the decks, he proved that he hadn’t lost his touch, and the same can be said about this new track. Keeping it dark and slow, “Summoned” feels like we’re back in 2010.

As he and Benga continue to talk on social media about working together again, it’s safe to assume we’re due more Skream bass music this year.