Serial Impregnator Nick Cannon Got His Balls Insured for $10 Million

Nick Cannon‘s baby-making organs are getting some protection. The Masked Singer host recently announced that he got his testicles insured for $10 million — and he did it because it’s his “most valuable asset.”

“I had to insure my most valuable assets,” the father of 12 told Entertainment Tonight over the weekend. “Because you hear about like all these different celebrities insuring their legs … so I was like, ‘Hey, well, I got to insure my most valuable body part.”

The insurance was set by Dr. Squatch, a men’s grooming company Cannon is working with for a new campaign, which allows users to find the “value of their balls.” (In his ad for the company, he wins the title of Most Valuable Balls.)

“We know how to make noise out here, and that’s exactly what we did,” Cannon told ET about the collaboration. Cannon announced the insurance policy in an Instagram post several weeks ago.

“Haters say it’s time for me to stop having kids and put this super sperm to rest, but I’m doubling down on these valuable balls and my future kids,” Nick said at the time “Shoutout to Dr. Squatch for giving my balls the credit they deserve and hooking me up with the protection I need to keep this family tree rolling!”

He also clarified that he isn’t expecting to have more children anytime soon though: “[I’m] just making sure nothing goes wrong,” Cannon told ET.


Cannon celebrated his two-year-old Legendary’s birthday over the weekend, and told ET he was “super impressed” with his son’s social skills. “I mean, he’s one of these kids that has so much personality and is super talkative — even at like 2!” he said. “Obviously, I got a lot of kids to be able to see [how] he’s definitely, like, more outgoing and it almost feels like he’s built for this world.”

Here’s the rundown of all of Cannon’s kids: Along with Legendary, Cannon shares six-month-old Halo Marie with Alyssa Scott; 12-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan with Mariah Carey; 3-year-old Powerful Queen, 1-year-old Rise Messiah, and 7-year-old Golden Saigon with Brittany Bell; 3-year-old twins Zion and Zillion and 1-year-old Beautiful Zeppelin Cannon with Abby De La Rosa; and 1-year-old Onyx Ice with LaNisha Cole. He and Scott lost a 5-month-old baby to brain cancer in 2021.