Seadrvnk Delivers Thundering Bass/Tech House Single “Get You Paid”

Since his early days in Worcester, MA, Seadrvnk has been shaped by the underground pulse of Americana, including graffiti, skate culture, and the band scene. This tapestry of influences converges in his music, which he began producing in 2012, using FL Studio as his forge. From the college party DJ to a sought-after name in Boston’s burgeoning music scene, Seadrvnk’s rise has been nothing short of meteoric.

Now, the talented artist/DJ is back with a bumping bass infused tech house single titled “Get You Paid”. It’s a song that will get you hyped up no matter the time of day, as a pitched down vocal from the vocalist Caliber recites the song’s mantra, to “Get You Paid”. Paired with sizzling synth stabs and thumping bass groove, this song has all of the fixings to be a weapon in any DJ set.

I just love to make music that is a mix of fun, high energy and in your face, bass. Just do what you feel it’s real.Seadrvnk

Listen below!