Scott Peterson Case is Being Investigated by L.A. Innocence Project

Peterson Case

Peterson was convicted of murdering his wife and unborn child in 2004

The Los Angeles Innocence Project is investigating the case of Scott Peterson, who was convicted in 2004 of first-degree murder of Laci Peterson and second-degree murder of his unborn son, Connor Peterson.

“The Los Angeles Innocence Project (LAIP) represents Scott Peterson and is investigating his claim of actual innocence,” the organization told NBCLA in a statement. “We have no further comment at this time.”

Peterson’s attorney Pat Harris confirmed that LAIP had taken up the case and told the outlet, “We are thrilled to have the incredibly skilled attorneys at the LA Innocence Project and their expertise becoming involved in the efforts to prove Scott’s innocence.”

Laci Peterson, 27, vanished on Christmas Eve 2002 while she was eight months pregnant with their son Connor. Scott claimed that she was killed sometime after he left their Modesto, California home on the morning of Dec. 24, 2002, to go fishing in the San Francisco Bay. He soon became a prime suspect following growing police and public suspicion.

After months of jury selection and then a trial, Scott was convicted on Nov. 12, 2004 of murdering his wife and unborn child in a highly publicized trial.

In a bid for a new trial, his legal team had argued that a juror in his 2004 murder trial, Richelle Nice, committed misconduct. However, in December 2022, he was denied a new trial and remained in jail to serve life in prison without the possibility of parole.


Harris told CBS News at the time that “this case is not over” and said that they had new evidence that allegedly proves Peterson did not murder his wife.

Scott’s lawyer added that he “respectfully” disagreed with the judge’s decision that Nice did not commit misconduct.