Pretty Lights Makes His First Post In Two Years In Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

The protests going on around our country, and even in other countries across the globe, are the most important moments happening right now. So important, in fact, that it even brought Pretty Lights out of a long social media slumber to make a statement in solidarity.

Pretty Lights has not posted to any of his socials, as far as we can tell, since August 15, 2018. He broke that silence yesterday.

First off, I want to say I stand in complete solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and I 100% stand with all the humans raising their voices for desperately needed change in the world.

Racism IS A PROBLEM across the globe. Ugliness from our collective past lingers al around us in the form of inequality & fear & privilege.. and we must strive to recognize it in the world and in ourselvesand do everything we can to uproot it with love & compassion & action.

He also stated in his post he donated $10,000 to a community of bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organizers. (Donate here.)

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