[PREMIERE] Franky Nuts Drops Emotionally-Charged, Ravey New Banger, "Glow," feat. MYLKI | Your EDM

Through dozens of releases on Circus Records, Franky Nuts has become one of the label’s most underappreciated secret weapons. Consistently dazzling releases have solidified Franky as a producer to reckon with, and his continued devotion to the craft is readily apparent in everything he releases. Today, we’re proud to premiere his new single “Glow” featuring MYLKI, the first single off an EP coming very soon.

“Glow” is a testament to the sort of production prowess that Franky Nuts infuses into every creation. It’s simultaneously a producer’s track and an accessible dance floor banger. With lots of intricate production and effects that layer masterfully, the flow is brilliant. At the same time, it’s wildly fun with an upbeat rhythm and deep, bone-rattling bass. MYLKI’s powerful voice effortlessly breaks through the synthetic cacophony and takes the track to another sonic level, often eliciting goosebumps on each successive play.

The track is essentially one long drop after the initial build, with only a 13-second bridge between the “first” and “second” drops. The effect contradictorily makes the track actually seem shorter than it really is, which is part of the reason we’ll be having this on repeat again and again.

Check it out below and keep an eye out for the full EP announcement soon!