O.J. Simpson Murder Trial Key Players: Where Are They Now?

Trial of the Century

From the lawyers who defended him to the journalists who wrote about the case, we look back on 24 of the key players from the “Trial of the Century”

The O.J. Simpson trial, which spanned from 1994 to 1995, permanently altered the cultural landscape, ushering in the cable TV trend of round-the-clock trial coverage and irrevocably changing the media’s approach to true crime. It also briefly had the effect of making a bunch of Los Angeles-based lawyers and forensic experts some of the biggest celebrities in the world. Though names like Marcia Clark, Lance Ito, and F. Lee Bailey are infrequently mentioned today, back in 1995 they seemed to be everywhere, with the public eagerly consuming every piece of information they could about the trial’s players, both major and minor. 

In light of Simpson’s death from cancer at the age of 76, we rounded up 24 of the most prominent figures of the trial, from defense attorneys and prosecutors to witnesses and family members, to assess where they are now and the impact the trial had on their lives.-E.J.D.