NexGen Music Label Leader D.J.C. Talks New Releases and Future Projects

Following the release of the much-awaited track “Sexy House Thang,” we had the pleasure of catching up with NexGen Music label boss D.J.C. Our conversation delved into the creative process behind the latest release and explored what’s in store for him and NexGen Music in the coming months.

Celebrating “Sexy House Thang”

First and foremost, congratulations are in order for D.J.C. and his team on the release of “Sexy House Thang.” This vibrant track has captivated audiences, not only with its sound but also with the animated visuals that accompany it.

D.J.C. shared his excitement, saying, “Thank you for the kind comments, and yes, it has definitely been a ride working on the ‘Sexy House Thang‘ release, and it’s a journey that isn’t completely done and dusted yet.” The collaboration with legendary underground music artist Neil Sanford, aka Earth Leakage Trip, brought both fun and challenges.

The creative process was intense, with many iterations before landing on a direction that felt right. As D.J.C. aptly put it, “you pretty much never end up 100% happy with your work!”

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Beyond “Sexy House Thang”

When asked about upcoming projects, D.J.C. revealed another high-profile project titled “Crazy Youth,” released just one week after “Sexy House Thang.” Collaborating with UK-based artists Rob Sparx who also runs Migration Recordings and author Upriza (Kelso Simon), this anthem for the UK anti-gun and knife crime movement has already garnered significant attention.

The video, shot on location at Leicester Unity Boxing Club (UK), features a special appearance from WBO champion Lyon Woodstock. It’s also supported by Gloves Up Knives Down, a UK-based non-profit enterprise committed to supporting young people affected by knife crime.

D.J.C. even played a cameo role in the video, a role that allowed him to make a strong statement on gun and knife crime. A follow-up behind-the-scenes video and further insights into the project are expected in the coming weeks.

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NexGen’s New Strategy

NexGen Music’s approach to music is evolving. They have reduced their release schedule to 4-6 significant projects per year, focusing on high-quality and engaging visual content. The goal is to grow their audience without alienating fans as they explore various genres from deep and dark underground music to cross-mainstream and even pop.

D.J.C. summed it up, saying, “So, the short answer to my long-winded response (lol) is that we anticipate dropping a couple more music/video projects this year exploring our ‘NexGen’ take on RnB and UK Garage, with perhaps some more Drum and Bass sprinkled in.”

Looking into the Future

With over 30 years of musical exploration, D.J.C. has grand plans for 2024, including a release project for “Sexy House Thang” and possibly an LP featuring some of his extensive collection of musical sketches.

Beyond his own music, D.J.C. is committed to building and investing in artists through the NexGen Music platform. There’s a particular interest in nurturing US-based talent, a move that aligns with his belief in the importance of good chemistry with artists.

Final Thoughts

Our conversation with D.J.C. provided a rich insight into the creative dynamism that fuels NexGen Music. With intriguing projects on the horizon, fans have much to look forward to.

D.J.C. concluded our conversation by inviting interested artists to review the demo submission page on the NexGen Music website and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to share his thoughts.