Melodic Solo Act Emily Litta Releases An All-New Cool Single Called “Messy”

Emily Litta takes her original r&b and pop style to a different level with the release of her newest single “Messy.” Ever since her first release “Tomboy” in 2017, Emily Litta has been honing and developing her musical skills to find her authentic voice, and with “Messy,” the UK-based singer might have just done that. 

There are two driving forces that let Emily Litta shine in her songs and those are her impeccable voice and clear taste in music, which is a valuable asset in defying her style and producing music that she knows to be of the highest quality. Emily Litta also makes sure that each of her collaborations or releases meets the highest musical standards as she has never compromised for anything less than perfection. 

“Messy” is about facing modern social media-related issues like getting toxic attention and how those reactions have an effect on romantic relationships, which she has struggled with in her own life. However, the brilliant artist gives a playful twist on the matter and you can catch her incredibly catchy track “Messy” on all platforms. 

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