Matroda Releases Another Sizzling Tech House Single, “In The Air”

Croatia’s maestro of music, Matroda, has long commanded reverence in the house music realm. He’s consitently releases hit after hit, that’s dominated clubs and festivals all over the world.

His latest creation, “In The Air,” released on his label Terminal Underground, is a testament to his incredible artistry. This house anthem takes us on a captivating journey, blending Matroda’s signature keyboard-driven progressions with a pulsating bassline, crafting a rich tapestry of rhythm and melody. The addition of an uplifting vocal layer adds a touch of emotional complexity, creating an enchanting musical chiaroscuro. “In The Air” is more than a song; it’s an invitation to elevate our senses and immerse ourselves in Matroda’s vibrant sonic universe.

Listen below!