Manila Killa and Hotel Garuda reunite to launch new project Chromebodies with Nelly Furtado remix

For those who don’t remember, Hotel Garuda used to be a project comprised of Chris Gavino, Manila Killa, and Aseem Mangaokar, or Candle Weather. The two parted ways in 2018 with Chris continuing his Manila Killa project while Aseem assumed full control over Hotel Garuda, leaving Candle Weather behind.

Now, the two have reunited on an exciting new project as CHROMEBODIES with their first remix out now, taking on the classic “Say It Right” by Nelly Furtado.

The remix takes on a late ’90s/early ’00s energy with a super bouncy rhythm and upbeat synths and melodies. It feels nostalgic while also incredibly sincere as a look back at the sounds of classic dance music.

“For the last seven months, we’ve been working on a lot of music together again,” the two say. “This time it’s different. We’re so, so excited to share all of this with you. We know you’ve wanted it as much as we have. CHROMEBODIES is here to stay.”

Listen below.