Madnap Releases First Single From Forthcoming Debut Album, "Silhouettes" | Your EDM

‘Tis the year of albums, and rising producer Madnap is getting ready to drop his own later this year. Yesterday he released the first single, “Silhouettes” with Little Shadows.

The first time I listened to this, the drop actually took me by surprise a bit. I expected it to be a bouncy beat, but didn’t think it would have that constant melody underneath. It’s a very small difference overall, but it changes the vibe from what would have been a standard house rhythm into a more emotional ballad that simply works beautifully.

As a whole, the single is a brilliant piece of work and I’m even more excited to see how it fits into the scope of the album. Madnap’s production style is broad, so the next single could go anywhere — but make no mistake it will still have that recognizable Madnap signature.

Check out “Silhouettes” below!