Kaskade Cancels Catalina Island Live Stream After Fan Outrage On Twitter

Everyone is trying to do something unique for live streams during quarantine to keep things fresh. There are only so many times we can see someone DJ the 95% same set in the bedroom before becoming bored. Kaskade wanted to head to Catalina Island for a special live stream this past Saturday, but some fans took his first tweet about the show too literally.

It got to the point that Kaskade had to make a follow up to clarify that “come through” didn’t mean to literally come, as he’d already specified it would be a live stream.

Everyone who tried to come after him though, when he replied, couldn’t take the heat and ended up deleting their tweets.

Finally, after a bit too much heat, he postponed the event for another time, maybe after he was able to clear up some language in the announcement. It could be argued that the way he announced, with so little information, was bound to be misconstrued but it’s still an unfortunate situation.

Catalina’s website under COVID-19 resources states, “We’re asking anyone who is not a primary resident of Catalina Island or providing essential services to our residents NOT to visit Catalina for the time being.” However, in another tweet, Kaskade says that he did receive permission to land and play on the island.

Ultimately, fans took a good thing and blew it out of proportion before getting all the facts and ruined it.


Photo via Rukes.com