JAUZ Reveals At Least 3 EPs With House, Drum & Bass, & Future Genres Ready To Go

JAUZ‘s folder of unreleased music is an endless ocean…

The producer just shared he has tons of new music ready to drop, all in various genres. That includes a “full house/Off The Deep End EP, a full drum n bass EP and a full melodic/future EP.” JAUZ has never played favorites with any one genre, so we’re happy to hear his upcoming projects don’t either.

“Idk what the hell I’m doing right now,” he adds in the tweet below, “but I’m just trying to write as much music as I can.”

JAUZ has also been keeping busy during quarantine with Bite This Radio Live. As we patiently await these music drops, check out the official Bite this channel on Twitch here.

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Photo via Rukes.com