Hundreds Gather Illegally To Watch David Guetta's Miami Live Stream In Person

David Guetta drew 12 million viewers during his United at Home live stream to raise money for COVID-19 relief (which raised $700,000), but not everyone was watching from home. Around 200 people gathered in crowds on the streets near One Miami Condo to watch in person, breaking strict social-distancing orders in place by the city of Miami.

The gathering was by no fault of Guetta’s, who had no control over what people did on their own outside the confines of the rooftop pool where he performed.

According to the Miami Herald, “Miami police cruisers came swiftly to break up the party and ordered people back to their homes.”

Police ordered everyone gathering to pack up and head home. There were no arrests or incidents, and a Miami police spokesperson told the Herald that everyone was by and large cooperative.