graves' collaborators are standing with his victims by removing his music from their labels

Yesterday, multiple women came out with accusations of rape and sexual assault against DJ/producer graves, who has had releases on RL Grime’s Sable Valley, Kayzo’s Welcome Records, and more. graves later released a statement admitting to at least one act of sexual abuse, though he deactivated his Twitter and other socials before he made any further acknowledgements of the other accusations.

Now, those label owners and other collaborators are standing with his victims and removing his work from their labels and collaborations. RL Grime and Kayzo have both removed their collaboration and his music, respectively, from their labels and all DSPs (graves also claimed he was A&R at Sable Valley, it’s unclear if he’s been removed from his position but given RL’s statement, it’s likely); Revel is taking down his graves remix; hollow moon removed her “Arcus” flip; Computa has cancelled his graves collaborations; Myrne is no longer playing their collab “Tiger Blood” and is looking into how to remove it from DSPs; and Party Favor is removing their collab, “Reach For Me.”

Other artists have also come forward to denounce graves’ actions and stand with his victims. See all the tweets below.


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