Gesaffelstein Announces Live Re-Broadcast Of LA 'Requiem' Headline Show

Gesaffelstein’s latest album Hyperion might not have been the mindblowing return to form that so many people were expecting, but his live Requiem tour definitely did the trick. With an exclusive vantablack backdrop and predominantly red and white flashing lights, the ambiance of this tour was truly something to behold.

Now, if you weren’t lucky enough to witness it live, Gesaffelstein has announced the next best thing. He’ll soon be rebroadcasting his live Requiem tour show taped at the Shrine in Los Angeles from last year.

In typical Gesaffelstein fashion, all we get is a minimalist image and a caption of “Online Soon,” so we’ll just have to wait and see when this drops. But when it does, you can bet that people will be tuning in.

Online Soon.

Posted by GESAFFELSTEIN on Tuesday, June 9, 2020


Photo courtesy of Coachella